UCU Scotland’s seven ideas for the next government

UCUS 2015 election manifesto factsIn preparation for the General Election in 2015, UCU Scotland has set out seven policy proposals for higher education. We are calling on politicians from all parties to recognise the value of higher education and support these proposals:

  1. Commit to increased public spending on the knowledge economy including higher education.
  2. Commit to keeping undergraduate study fee-free for Scottish domiciled students, and accessible to all.
  3. Increase transparency and accountability in the governance of Scotland’s universities.
  4. Ensure academic freedom for all university staff working in teaching and research.
  5. Protect our global reputation and remove overseas students from the immigration cap.
  6. Reintroduce a two-year post-study work entitlement for international students graduating from Scottish institutions.
  7. End exploitative working practices including casualisation and zero-hours contracts in higher education.

Download the full UCU Scotland manifesto